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Cooling towers are an essential part of many processes and there are several types. It is important to know the requirements for your facility to select the appropriate cooling tower for your needs.

Heat removing steel cooling tower of high quality.

Current Midwest sells new steel cooling towers, fiberglass cooling towers, reconditioned cooling towers, and rebuilt gearboxes for cooling towers.

Our used Cooling Towers and Gear Boxes are thoroughly reconditioned and come with a three-year warranty.

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Cooling Tower Basics

Cooling towers, in simple terms, are specialized heat exchange devices that remove heat from process systems. There are many variations in size and design based on the cooling load needed. Steel Mills, for example, produce large amounts of heat in the steelmaking process while a small plastics injection machine requires smaller amounts of cooling. 

Cooling towers can be factory assembled or field erected. Factory-assembled towers (known as packaged) can be transported intact or in as few modules as possible. Field-erected towers, in contrast, are primarily constructed on site where they will be used.

Current Midwest Offers:

New Cooling Towers

Current Midwest carries new cooling towers designed for year-round operation in steel and fiberglass varieties. Both types offer easy installation and maintenance.  Amcot fiberglass cooling towers are durable, long lasting units, attractive for their lightweight, compact design.  CMC stainless or galvanized steel cooling towers offer an induced draft crossflow design that prevents the water leakages that can happen with forced-draft towers.


Reconditioned Cooling Towers

In addition to our new fiberglass and steel cooling tower options, Current Midwest also maintains a large inventory of used cooling tower. Our reconditioned cooling towers range from 20 to 10,000 nominal tons. Coupled with our reliable delivery service, Current Midwest has earned a reputation as the “go-to” provider of reconditioned cooling towers. We deliver cooling towers to any continental U.S. destination, and pride ourselves on timely and cost-efficient deliveries. 



Current Midwest also proudly offers replacement cooling tower gearboxes. Factory-trained technicians rebuild gearboxes in our new 3,000 sq. ft. gearbox repair facility, making us your one-stop shop for all things cooling towers. We have new and obsolete gearbox models in stock, many ready for immediate delivery. 


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