Reconditioned Cooling Towers

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Reconditioned Cooling Towers

Reconditioned Cooling Tower BAC with stainless hot and cold water basins

800 Ton, BAC Cooling Tower Model #3985C-QM-2/Q with stainless hot-and-cold water basins.

4 units in excellent condition available and ready for immediate inspection

Features Include:

  • Inverter Duty 50 HP AC motors
  • Internal Walkways
  • Stainless steel hot-water basin
  • Stainless steel cold-water basin
  • Botton inlet
  • Botton outlet
  • Ladder and external walkways available


  • 985 Ton BAC Model #3985 stainless steel hot-and-cold-water basins
  • 590 Ton MARLEY Model #NC84078BG stainless steel hot-and-cold-water basins
  • 383 Ton BAC Model #3383 galvanized steel construction
  • 501 Ton MARLEY Model #NC8305GM galvanized steel construction
  • 229 Ton MARLEY Model #AV62031C galvanized steel construction

Availability subject to change

Current Midwest maintains a large inventory of used cooling towers.

Our large, used cooling tower inventory ranging from 20 to 10,000 nominal tons combined with our reliable delivery service have earned Current Midwest a reputation as the “go-to” provider of reconditioned cooling towers.

Our experience working with top-quality shipping partners allows Current Midwest to deliver cooling towers to any continental U.S. destination in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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