Federal Pacific Transformers

At Current Midwest, we know the importance of having the right transformer available when you need it. From emergency repairs to facility expansions and new equipment installations, time is always of the essence in having a reliable, high-quality transformer up to the task of keeping your operations running.

We offer a full line of new Federal Pacific transformers to meet these needs for you. Federal Pacific, a leading manufacturer of dry-type transformers based in Bristol, Virginia with regional warehouse inventory across the USA, enables us to deliver new Federal Pacific transformers promptly throughout the continental U.S. With free shipping on new transformers over 30 kVa, Federal Pacific designs, tests and manufactures transformers in accordance with ANSI NEMA and IEEE standards. All Federal Pacific transformers are UL listed.

Industries Served

Suitable industries for these dry-type transformers include HVAC, construction, large facility infrastructure, steel and plastic manufacturing, and many more. Our line of Federal Pacific products comprises single and three-phase ventilated transformers ranging from 15 kVa to 500 kVa.

Why Current Midwest?

Transformer reliability, quality and availability are the keys to keeping equipment and processes running and producing value. Every delay or instance of downtime leads to lost money and wasted resources. Whether you need a replacement transformer with fast turnaround or have received a new equipment delivery that cannot be brought online without the right transformer, we are ready to work with you.

Our experts can answer your questions, identify the issue, help you select the right product, and get it into your hands as quickly as possible. Current Midwest has decades of expertise in furnishing the exact right transformer for our customers’ application. We are ready to offer our exceptional service and assistance to you.

To discuss your needs and learn how we can help, contact us today.