AC/DC Motors & Controls

Full Stock of AC/DC Motors & Controls

Current Midwest carries AC/DC motors and controls. We stock used motors ranging from 3 to 300 hp. We can also quote new motors from manufacturers including Baldor, US Electric, Elektrim, and many other top brands. Our range of AC controls and DC controls includes practically everything you might need to fit your requirements. Current Midwest also carries solid state drives built by the top manufacturers in the industry.


AC/DC Motors & Controls

How do AC and DC motors differ from each other? 

Although both AC motors and DC motors are utilized for many industrial processes, some key differences exist.

AC motors work with alternating current and voltage to produce a rotating magnetic field. AC motors are highly efficient and take advantage of stronger currents to generate a constant torque. Alternating currents transmit electric power long distances over wires from a centralized generator. AC motors are ideal to use in power pumps, blowers, conveyers, crane and hoist systems, extruders, packaging and converting equipment, and other industrial machinery and transportation equipment.

DC motors consist of two stationary magnetic fields to convert direct current electrical energy into mechanical energy using an internal mechanism, either electromechanical or electronic, that periodically changes the direction of the current. The power of direct current is stored in and provided by solar cells, batteries, or thermocouples. DC motors are used in systems that require constant power such as electronic vehicles, robotic drives, process rolling mills such as steel rolling machines, paper and textile industries, and other fabrication units.


The War of the Currents – AC vs DC

In 1884, a Serbian engineer named Nikola Tesla moved to the U.S to work for Thomas Edison, who was already a prestigious inventor for his patented light bulb. As they worked together, the young Tesla shared his ideas about making AC-based electrical system with Edison, whose DC-based electrical system was becoming the U.S. standard. Before long, a dispute developed between the two men that resulted in Tesla’s departure and eventually led to Tesla’s partnership with George Westinghouse.

The power struggle to determine whether DC or AC would dominate continued between Edison and Westinghouse. Despite Edison’s best efforts to discredit and slander AC as dangerous, its practical distribution over long distances led AC to become the standard electrical protocol adopted worldwide. Ironically, in 1917 Tesla receive the Edison Metal, the highest honor bestowed by the American Institute of Electric Engineers. Furthermore, and fittingly, the Edison Electric Company would later need to apply to use the Westinghouse Electric Company’s AC patent license to electrify its projects.

ACϟDC – The band

The band AC/DC was named to symbolize the raw energy and the power-driven performances of their music. With the addition of a high voltage sign between AC and DC, the branding of the band ACϟDC was complete.

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