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Current Midwest offers custom specification motor control centers (MCCs) using the original manufacturer’s equipment to meet your exact requirements at a fraction of the cost compared to buying new. Our inventory includes MCC motor controls by Cutler Hammer, Eaton, GE, Siemens, Square D, Siemens/ITE, Westinghouse, and other top brands. All Current Midwest reconditioned electrical equipment comes with a three-year warranty.

An MCC (Motor Control Center) in a power distribution system is a simple physical grouping of combination starters that provides safe, reliable performance to control multiple electric motors in a single manufacturing assembly line from a central location. It is used for commercial and industrial applications, such as heating, cooling, lighting, and motor-driven machinery.

Used in demanding industries such as steel processing, plastic injection, and other industrial environments, MCC control is a key component of these operations. MCC electrical controls serve to safeguard equipment and employees from electrical arcs that can cause serious damage or injuries.

The most basic type of AC motor control simply turns a motor on and off with a contactor and overload relay. A combination starter is a single enclosure consisting of the motor starter, fuses or circuit breaker, and a device for disconnecting the power. At its most basic, the motor control involves simply closing a contact to turn on a motor or opening a contact to turn it off and consists of a contactor and an overload relay. However, power distribution can be complex and may require switchgear, switchboards, transformers, and MCC control panels.

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