Rex Power Magnetics Transformers

Rex Power Magnetics is a leading manufacturer of specialty and custom dry-type transformers, based in greater Toronto, Canada. Current Midwest offers a full range of CSA-certified, UL-listed, ISO 9001-accredited Rex Power Magnetics transformers.

Rex Power transformers are ideal for a broad range of industrial applications — including bottling, packaging, plastics, automotive and steel manufacturing; forging and foundry applications; assembly-line production plants; large-scale facilities such as arenas; and more.

Rex Power Magnetics transformers offer industry-leading quality and reliability in an extensive selection of voltage capacities and variation ranges, designed to meet any industrial need for any size or scale of application.

At Current Midwest, we stock new transformers from Rex Power to provide fast turnaround when you need replacement parts right away, while also providing the selection and service you require for facility expansions, new equipment purchases and other scenarios.

Our experts are also ready to assist with installation, setup and configuration questions to help you get operational as soon as possible — while maximizing the return on your capital investment.

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