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Bus Duct and Bus Plugs

Current Midwest maintains a large inventory of electrical bus ducts and bus plugs from leading manufacturers, including Square D, ITE, Bulldog, GE, Cutler-Hammer, Siemens, and other top brands.

Our used bus duct and bus plugs are thoroughly reconditioned to provide you with safe, top-quality electrical gear. All Current Midwest used equipment comes with a three-year warranty.

What is a Bus Duct?

Bus Duct (or busway) is a sheet metal duct containing either copper or aluminum busbars, which conduct a substantial electrical current. It is used in industrial or commercial applications to conduct electricity instead of power cables. For circuits requiring greater reliability, bus ducts provide a simpler, faster installation at a lower cost over power cables.

Common Types and Sizes of Bus Ducts

Configurations Amps Materials
3 phase 3 wire (3p3w) 200A Copper
3 phase 4 wire (3p4w) 400A Aluminum


What Are Bus Plugs?

In electric power distribution, Bus Plugs connect to a Bus Duct (or busway) and supply localized power distribution to electronic industrial equipment. Bus plugs are a component that plugs into bus duct and provides power and circuit protection to the machines. Bus plugs can be either fusible or circuit breaker type.

Common Types and Sizes of Bus Plugs

Configurations Amps
3 phase 3 wire (3p3w) 30A
3 phase 4 wire (3p4w) 60A



Why are these used?

Not only are they more cost-effective than power cables, but electrical bus plugs also allow for equipment to be added or relocated with ease.

What are some other terms for these components?

They also may be known as bus switches or buss plugs.

How long do bus plugs typically last?

Many elements can impact the longevity and life span of bus plugs. Fortunately, when properly maintained, a correctly-sized bus plug can last 20 years or more.

Do you need a fusible disconnect or circuit breaker?

Current Midwest also sells fusible disconnect (switches) ranging from 30-2,000 amps and designed for indoor or outdoor use.
Current Midwest carries molded-case circuit breakers for industrial and commercial applications. 

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