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New Fiberglass Cooling Towers

AMCOT Cooling Towers

The amcot Silver Series Cooling Tower

Design Features

Lightweight and compact, the AMCOT cooling tower provides quick and easy installation. Job site assembly is simplified by the modular design of all components. Prevailing wind directions will not affect cooling tower performance due to the unique cirucular design of the basin and casing.


Easy access through casing simpligies cleaning, Individual fiberglass panels are stainless steel bolted together for periodic wash down and general cleanup.

The AMCOT FRP cooling tower is designed for durability and long life even under the most severe environmental weather conditions.

Fan Blades

Aerodynamically designed propeller type fan blades are used to conserve power and assure quiet operation. AMCOT model ST-3 through ST-50 feature a factory balanced ABS plastic blade. AMCOT model ST-60 and above fature an all aluminum alloy adjustable fan.

Fan Motor

AMCOT ST-3 through ST-200 have a direct drive motor. AMCOT ST-225 and larger feature a unique belt drive design to reduce noise levels to a minimum.

Water Distribution System

AMCOT ST-3 through ST-60 use an ABS plastic sprinkler with stainless steel shaft. AMCOT ST-70 and above use an aluminum allow sprinkler head. Both types of sprinkler heads require little or no head pressure loss and minimum maintenance.

Inlet Louvers

Non rusting PVC plastic mesh provides easy access to sump while prventing foreign objects from entering water basin.


Provided for maintenance and inspection accessibility to fan and sprinkler systems. (Models ST-40 and above)

Fill Material

Honeycomb heat embossed PVC is formed to permit high heat transfer efficiency. The AMCOT fill is suitable for operation with inlet water temperature up to 115F. For temperature above this please select ST-P (polypropylene) or ST-W (wood) models.

Engineered for Cost Efficiency & High Performance

Engineered for Cost Efficiency & High Performance

Dimensions and Pipe Conections

Dimensions and Pipe Conections
Dimensions and Pipe Conections Chart

Nominal water flow is defined as rate of water cooled from 95F to 85F with 78F web bulb temperature.

Recommended Concrete Base of Tower Support Stand

Recommended Concrete Base of Tower Support Stand
Recommended Concrete Base of Tower Support Stand Chart

Note: Tons of refrigation at 12,000 BTU/HR with 3GPM/TON.

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